Product that emphasizes Design & Quality
About Us

Our Vision

To be a well-known high quality Metal Furniture Manufacturer throughout the Globe.

Our Mission

Ensuring total customer satisfaction by providing best value products which emphasize on refreshing and superior qualities.

Company Profile

TCH is situated in Kamunting Industrial Area, Perak, Malaysia with a manufacturing area, which cover about 4 acres. Our exclusive showroom placed on the first floor of our two-storeys office building. We display various types of Bedroom Set furniture and Dining Sets just for the eyes of our customer and potential buyer.

TCH has started manufacturing indoor metal furniture accessories since 1991, with product like wire metal racks, mostly for kitchen sue, grocery stores and supermarkets, TV racks and clothes racks. Ever since then, we have diversified into production of bedroom sets with an exclusive combination design between Metal and Rubber Wood, Dining Sets, Metal Sofas, Bunk Bed, Double Decker and numerous others. Our aim is to equip the market locally and internationally with our products that emphasize design, quality and comfort.

As to meet our Aim and the current market trends, we have embarked on a strategy of committing our human and technological resources to pursuing quality at the highest levels. Hence, we place supreme emphasize towards quality on every stage of production, from the choice of raw materials up to the durability.

At TCH we practice and focus on Research and Development to remain ahead in product quality. Thus, we have allocated heavy budget for R&D activities, as to ensure the finished goods produced are always meeting and complying with our customer's requirement and expectation as well as their standards.

Integration and creativity is the key factor in all of our products, whereby, each and every inch of our products and component is designed for total compatibility and comfortability. Besides, TCH has applies years of knowledge and futuristic vision to bring you the future design.

Throughout the years, we have successfully penetrated into market such as United Kingdom, which is on of our biggest markets, Australia, Europe and Middle East. Hence, ensuring full customer's satisfaction is our goal, and we are totally committed in supplying only high quality products, timely delivery as well as after sales service.